Beauty Mark

by Nurit Koniak | 30.07.13

Photography: Ran Golani

A very crucial part of design is finding the correct font in which to write a word.
So one can imagine what greater significance lies in the tight relations between brand name and logotype. It is one of those abstract entities that makes us covet and desire, craving to fill a void room in our hearts.

At first glance, we stare at the logotype. our eyes read a meaning, be it a sound or an actual definition – but our heart recognizes a beauty mark, a drawing. Time has an important role in the evolution of a mark. Eternally we will position ourselves in relation to its character, its dialect and tone. If it manages oversee decades, we will enjoy its capability to sustain change.
If it changes without losing our faith in the process, we will admire its evolution.

After a certain amount of time our vision will be blurred, our recognition of quality might be subdued. The mark will have our heart to such extent, that we will overlook details that harm its identity. Essentially it will blind us.



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