The Shape of Things Passed Not So Long Ago

by Anna Kopito | 18.08.13

Photography: Ran Golani

Moving house bears the price of going over piles and piles of visual material compiled over years. There’s the usual box of super-retro items from the fifties and sixties that travel from home to home throughout the decades – a magazine, a post card, a harmonica. And then there’s the intimate reunion with things passed not so long ago. The “not so long ago” can be eight, ten or even twenty years ago. The aesthetics you can remember admiring in your youth; you remember thinking “that’s new”.

Going over these items reveals the distance traveled in taste, beauty and proportion. Not light years but certainly a significant moderation in size, color and shape.These items bear a certain kind of innocence. The boldness of type created by interview magazine in the early nineties, when it wasn’t so trendy to be delicate and petit. The raw colors of a Liveright Publishing of E. E. Cummings, the selection of typefaces in a Richard prince exhibition brochure. They belong to a different time already, when design wasn’t so engineered – when it was still acceptable to be brave and crude, without a feeling guilty about it.


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