Musica Viva

by Nurit Koniak | 02.09.13

When we design at the studio we search for simple forms; the purest basic shapes that surround us in everyday life. The circle, the triangle and the square are the forms which everything around us is built from. It’s about understanding the basic structure, the composition.

Looking at the poster series from the 60s “Musica Viva” by Josef Müller-Brockmann, makes us look at simple forms with great awe.

“His posters are comfortable in the worlds of art and music. They do not try to imitate musical notation, but they evoke the very sounds of music by visual equivalents – not a simple task” Paul Rand.

Inspired by Müller-Brockmann’s work, we created these light structures made from plastic and paper only.

Here’s looking at you, Josef.

Paper and perspex constructions: Natasha Boguslavsky
Photography: Ran Golani


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