What’s In a Sole

by Nurit Koniak | 10.09.13

Photography: Ran Golani

The fascinating relationship women have with their shoes is somewhat of a puzzle. Known as the object with the ability to transform personalities, the shoe has a magical effect on their owner. Women can rationalize a crazy money transaction especially if the shoe fits, and sometimes when it doesn’t.

But even more interesting is the role played by the logotype printed on the shoe insole – supposedly a mark situated in a place bound to get harmed, erased or scratched. Yet only a proud shoe owner knows the satisfaction one has when gazing at a pair of shoes sitting in a remote corner of the room. Looking at the beautiful empty body waiting to be filled. There’s a certain satisfaction in owning a pair with the right mark. The graphic symbol completing the iconic presence of this miraculous object…  Our love is reassured and sealed by this signature – and thus the transformation is complete.


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