The Quiet Game

by Nurit Koniak | 12.10.15


In a world saturated with digital content, inviting us to browse through endless amounts of information – even playfulness has become subject to analysis and deconstruction, distancing us even further from the joy of the game.

Gaming – although derived from the word ‘game’ itself, has managed to adopt a popular aesthetic that focuses on imitating life in three dimensions, instead of creating a new one. And the games we often find on our mobile phones seem addictive like fast food, failing to nurture the mind truthfully.



The feeling gets stronger when sitting face to face with a physical object – such as a cube, a lego piece, or even just a play card. The reunion with distant primal instincts – such as the desire to build something, to hold it and then to knock it down, evokes feelings long forgotten. The aesthetic of the old game is so basic and beautiful, that it easily invites anyone at any age to take part.



The first reaction is one of boredom, but then a certain rhythm takes place in the mind. There’s a small gap to fill when connecting two pieces together, there are issues of gravity when piling things together, and there’s a certain grid and logic we always search for while taking part in the game. The ceremony is quiet and intimate, belonging to a private time and space, which is undoubtedly physical.




Art Direction : Nurit Koniak & Natasha Boguslavsky
Photography: Ran Golani


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