Shopping Reinvented

by Nurit Koniak | 02.02.16

This January, Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art held a fascinating workshop called “DesignWorkShop”. The College invited both MBA students from Cornell Tech and professionals from Sears Israel to ask the question: How can we rethink shopping?

final_short3The event was a joint initiative of Tamar Many, director of the international studies at Shenkar and at the Department of Visual Communication; Professor Roni Michaeli from Cornell Tech, and Moran Haviv, product VP at Sears Israel. Their vision was to create a new kind of dialogue between industry, design, business, and technology, in an attempt to establish a unique multidisciplinary learning experience.


In the beginning of the week, each team came with a cutting edge concept for a startup that reinvents shopping: from futuristic socks that can measure your foot size and unique shape to prevent failed e commerce of shoes, to “Powderful” – a new and exciting way of buying shampoo (simply saving room and energy by mixing your own powder with water).





Teams included Shenkar students, alumni and mentors from different fields, Cornell Tech MBA students and technology experts from Sears Israel. Each group took the initial business brief and had three days to come up with a perfectly designed pitch. The result was four innovative projects integrating the design into these contemporary concepts of shopping. From a children’s coat that lights up every time a child finds a clue at the supermarket, to beautiful digital interfaces designed to make the shopping experience coherent and functional.





Koniak Design took part in creating the branding for this workshop, working closely with some of the best creatives behind the scenes. Creatives like Nirit Binyamini of Shufff – an innovative app offering modular custom-designed scarfs. Nirit extended the branding by creating a beautiful giveaway of square pockets to all the guests.





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